SMJ Furnishings was set up in 1988 and specialises in carpet tiles, broadloom carpets and luxury vinyl tiles. With an established reputation and track record, SMJ Furnishings is   arguably   the   top    largest   leading   premier   flooring    specialists   serving   the commercial and institutional sectors in Asia.

Headquartered  in  Singapore,   SMJ  manufacturers  and  distributes  globally  a wide range of premier floorings.


Despite  being  the  market   leader,   SMJ  continues  to stay close to the  ground. SMJ  understands   global   flooring   trends   and   continuously  develops   and   produces new  designs  which  are  well  received  by our  customers.  To  date,  SMJ  is the  only company  that  offers  the   widest  selection  of  top  quality  carpet  tiles,  broadloom carpets and vinyl tiles globally with the most competitive prices.


At SMJ, we have an insatiable passion and belief in high quality floorings with ultimate style.  With   varieties   and   performance   as  our  top   priority,  it  is our   business  to  make your working space look good.